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The Vineyards

Date: 08-03-2016

The Vineyards

Rosenvale Wines sources grapes from their family owned vineyard estates in the Barossa Valley. Owning and managing vineyards is where it all started for the Rosenzweig family and it is this history, passion and dedication which flows into the Rosenvale wine label. The family currently have four properties in the Barossa Valley which are used to source grapes for their wines. Only the premium fruit from each vineyard is used to produce the award winning Rosenvale wine.


Rosenvale – The Crossings Vineyard

This is the home of our vineyard operation as well as the winery and Cellar Door. The property is located in Nuriootpa and is a loam over red clay with a light gravel mixed limestone through the sub soil. This property is around 54 acres.

  • Chardonnay planted in 1989 is trained to a single wire pruned to a permanent armspur system. Cropping levels are around four tonnes per acre.
  • Semillon planted in 1940 is trained to a single wire and has a catch wire to help hold up the canopy to shade the fruit. This is because the vines are rod and spur pruned and the foliage rolls over exposing the fruit and we don’t want a lot of this. Cropping levels are around four tonnes per acre.
  • Grenache planted in 1935 is trained to a single wire with a permanent spur pruned frame work. Cropping levels are around 2-3 tonnes per acre.
  • Cabernet planted in 1969 on a single vertical trellis system. Spur pruned and cropping at around two tonnes per acre and destined for the Reserve label.
  • Shiraz planted in the 1960s, low yielding, spur pruned vineyard with catch wires.

Vine Vale Sands Vineyard

This is located in the Vine Vale district between Nuriootpa and Tanunda. The soils are sand over yellow and red clay. The property has been top dressed with clay to improve the soil structure. Approx 75 acres.

  • Shiraz is sourced from here. The old block planted in 1960 is on a heavier loam sand. The young Shiraz was planted in 1989 and is in the lighter soil. It crops aroundthree tonnes per acre and is used in our Estate label.
  • Merlot planted in 2002 from two new clones to Australia has shown great results in bench trials with the South Australian Vine Improvement society located in the Barossa Valley.
  • Chardonnay with yields around four tonne per acre on lighter soils adds a real freshness to the bottled wine.
  • Cabernet planted in 1969 on a single vertical trellis system. Spur pruned and cropping at around two tonnes per acre and destined for the Reserve label.
  • Cabernet in lighter soils seems to add a defined leafiness to our Estate range.

Highway 1 Vineyard

Located on a corner road to the Sturt Highway at Stockwell in the Northern region of the Barossa. The Vineyard is planted to Shiraz and Cabernet and is showing great results. Loam over red clay sub soil.

  • Shiraz, planted in the 1990s on single wire trellis with strict spur pruning helps with cropping levels and quality. This is the main vineyard for our Estate label Shiraz with two clones and several rootstocks which all add to the fruit selection we have.
  • Cabernet also planted in the 1990s delivers nice fruit profiles and makes up approx 50% of our Estate Cabernet label’s blend.

Stockwell Farm Vineyard

Located on the fringe of Stockwell, this vineyard is where new varieties and clonal selections are being planted.

  • Shiraz of two different clones form a part of our Estate label to add complexities in this wine. Single fruiting wire and a catch wire to hold up the foliage.
  • Chardonnay of two new French clones planted in the past few years is proving to be a great addition to our Chardonnay wine. Being aromatic, it provides a distinct lift to the aroma of the wine and adds liveliness to the palate.
  • Merlot, two newly imported clones planted and yet to bare fruit. These clones wereselected from overseas because of their award winning quality and follow on well from the clones planted on the Vine Vale Sands vineyard. When these are producing fruit, we will do an Estate Merlot based on these four clones.